Being a Mother & Employer at Home

Being a working at home mom was unplanned but the circumstances has let us to the blessing. So here I am as a work at home mother to three wonderful toddlers; Luth, Ari and Ali.
Meet the Emily Heart family!! Meet Ali, Emy, Ily (me), Ari and Luth.
Each with their unique personality and characters. Managing the family, the home and trying to work at home was a challenge and it still is as the children grow and faces a new set of challenges themselves.

One thing I try to do to stay on top of everything is to have a schedule and a do-to list for the day. Here's my weekly schedule for the household and even though things almost always don't go as scheduled, it helps keep me in check on what is expected in the next hour and what I have to accomplish that day.

Our Schedule for the day.

Being a working mom of three children, time is fairly limited to provide sufficient attention and time to each child. Showing them love and affection, teaching them the rights from wrongs and appropriate manners and behaviours as a human being. Not forgetting the basic skills of getting dressed, feeding and cleaning,among other things.

So to effectively have the matters of the home and work life balanced, I schedule the darker half of the day to work while the sunny day is mainly for the family.

I try to start my day at 4am, going down my daily morning and night to-do list and planning my work concepts and contents. I would try to sleep by midnight but most nights I would overshot my bedtime, trying to get everything on my to-do list done.

Working at home has given me a lot of beautiful memories of the children growing up. From first words, to reciting dua and being independent enough to do basic activities like getting dressed and feeding themselves. Just last week, out of the blue, Luth recited the dua for eating (even though he wasn't about to eat) and during my zikir session he commented my short zikir "Lailahaillallah" to a recite a longer version which is "Lailahaillallah muhammadarrasulullah".

It made me so proud and happy to be able to experience the precious moments and help with the family expenses at the same time. It is tiring to be working nights on the chores/business and spend the day with the my LAA babies. Money don't come easily but if we put in the time and effort, with God's will, we can achieve our goals and dreams.

We are currently living on our humble desire to help others gain access to organic and natural products that are save for babies and the whole family that we (Emy & Ily) as a family love (Heart). Hence, how we got our little name Emily Heart.Co.

Being in business has its ups and downs but being equipped with the right tools and skills, it is truly satisfying. To join us (#teamEmilyHeart) in our journey towards becoming a better person, drop us an email at or WhatsApp us at +6598501325 for Singapore mommy-prenuers and +60 10-863 3749 for Malaysia mommy-prenuers.

You shape and control your future, don't let anyone else stop you from being the best person you could be.

Ily (Nurliyana AB)

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