Our Mini Trip

December 2017

Travelling can be challenging with children especially young ones. I have 3 under 3 and I often turned out frustrated and tried with the whole trip as the kids gave little room to enjoy the sights and food.

For our recent trip, i had all 4 range of Tasneem Naturel Baby Balm series with me in hopes to manage my temper and mood as well as the kid's. To my amazement, the balms were magical..

My first was more attentive and cooperative, he listened well and acted as requested. There were instances where he didn't, and that's on things he really really wanted.
It's a joy not having to yell and scream for him every few minutes as he wanders off to enjoy the sights on his own. (Thank you Calm Time!)

My second developed a cold as soon as we arrived at our destination. She had always had a preference for the summer, being in a mall for too long can cause her to develop a cold. Hence experiencing winter was new to her. Being cautious and monitoring her temperature regularly helped her enjoy the trip and the flu at bay. (Thank you Coughflu Time!)

My third was having diarrhea 3 days into the trip. It was a mess! I cried for her that day seeing how weak she was. I stayed in with her for 2 whole days and by the end the 4th day of the trip, she was almost at her best. She was up and walking and eating solids by dinner time. I am grateful for having her recover so quickly from the situation. (Thank you Tummy Time!)

Need I say more about Sleep Time? Hehe.. Getting an early night was everyone was such a breeze with Sleep Time. They slept soundly till the morning. No night crying.

Try them yourself! They work as well on adults too.

Till next time, 

Ily ❤️

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