Rainy season is flu season.

Alhamdulilah, praise be to Allah. This is the aftermath of our preventive measures to protect baby Ari from catching baby Ali's flu.
Yesterday, baby Ali started having runny nose. They were of clear consistency like tap water. After the morning bath, we applied CF-Rub from Tasneem Naturel and continued application throughout the day. By evening, the mucus had thicken to a yellowish colour and today had started drying up. Insyaallah, in a day or two we expect a full recovery. 😊
In light of baby Ali's flu, by afternoon baby Ari started coughing. Just short coughs but that was a start to something more, so we applied CF-Rub on baby Ari before her afternoon nap and after her evening bath. Today evening, she vomited out the phlegm and all that she consumed earlier. She was so relieved after vomiting, all smiles and giggles.
Baby Ari covered in vomit.
Seeing her vomit really took me by surprise. There was no fuss prior the vomit and i was completely clueless on the fact that she had vomited. She just grabbed my hand to catch my attention and smiled.
I know I say this often but I truly am grateful for Tasneem Naturel baby balm. Oral medication is not a pretty sight in our household so the use of alternative remedies are like gifts.
Coughflu Rub
How do you manage your sick child(ren) or prevent them from catching the common cold or cough?
Share them with me in the comments below. I would love to learn more on what I can provide for my children.
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Till next time, love;

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