Switching Year Fever

I'm sure every mom have heard of the term “switching month/year fever” within their first year of motherhood. Or more commonly known in Malay as “demam beralih bulan/tahun”. This is referred to when baby have a sudden fever/flu/cough/cold, any combination of the four or all the mentioned (one shortly after another).

Having had three children, I have seen so many of the switching month fever especially within the last 4 years as there was a new addition to the family for 3 consecutive years. And switching month fever tends to occur more in the first year of the child’s life.

So, when it came to the switching year fever for Baby Ari, I was somewhat not prepared for it as we haven’t had it that often for me to remember that the switching year fever was a thing (even though Baby Luth just had his Switching Year Fever just the month before – but we thought it was just a regular fever as the weather couldn’t decide if it was summer or winter. Hahaha..).

On her birthday, we had planned a quiet together time at home with the family, some food and movies. The morning was great, everyone was up early and had breakfast, but Ari wasn’t eating like her usual self or as active throughout the morning. It was later in the afternoon that her body started to warm up. I wanted to give her a lemon bath, but we were out of lemons and it was too late to go get some. So, I made do with what I had: a cooling pad, a damp cloth to sponge her body and CF-Rub, an essential oil baby balm.

The essential oil balm from Tasneem Naturel contains 7-10 different essential oils that are specially formulated to be made safe for babies, as they have been ‘diluted’ with carrier oil. All the essential oils used are certified with the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which is required to be approved and certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM). And to date, all the balms by Tasneem Naturel are KKM approved which provides me with the an ease of mind using them on my children.

By morning her temperature was back to normal; warm enough to be back in school for her therapy sessions. But she still wasn’t well, she didn’t have the strength to complete the tasks given to her and was too tired to walk.

When we got home, her temperature started climbing again. I continued with the cooling pad and CF-Rub as she fell asleep taking her afternoon nap. Later in the evening, I gave her a lemon bath (well not exactly, the bathtub is still at my parent’s place and we only have pails which Baby Luth and Ali loves to soak in). Well, more of a lemon shower for Baby Ari as the pail was too small for her to be comfortable (she is slightly claustrophobic).

Some of you may wonder why I am giving her a lemon bath when she doesn’t have a cold or cough. Well it’s because I observed that she had symptoms that are leading to a cold: loss of appetite, runny nose, fatigue, started having a sneeze, a possible sore throat as she was starting to reject liquids as well and malaise. As the saying goes “Prevention is better than a cure.” So we started her on the lemon bath (shower).

Her Lemon Bath
The shower was great. She started to smile 5 minutes into it and started farting moments later. Half a pail of lemon water later, she was trying to shower herself (with whatever little strength she had). She showered with one and a half pail of lemon water (plus some lemon rub sessions on her back and chest). Rinsed off the lemon pulps from the curly hair and body and finished the lemon shower session.
Application of CF-Rub to her feet.
After getting dressed, I applied the CF-Rub again on her forehead, neck, chest, back, spine and feet and started her bedtime routine. As I’m writing this at 2AM, Baby Ari has been sound asleep since 9PM with no more fever or runny nose. I’m really glad to have found Tasneem Naturel HQ baby balm, as a possibly week-long ordeal is now shortened to just a few days. Praise be to Allah for making it possible. With Baby Ari’s upcoming developmental assessment this Wednesday and hospital appointment on Thursday. It is important for me to be able to provide them with the best opportunities and experiences.

With July a few days away, I will be stocking up on the supplies to beat “Switching Year Fever” for Baby Ali. I will try to do another post on all my supplies and remedies for the common illnesses a child would go through in their infant to toddler year or possibly older (as my oldest is only 4 years old, I can’t share from experience on what an older child will need). With God's will.

Till next time, Good Morning Love!

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