The Beginning of Emily Heart

Our goal for Emily Heart in 2018Hey you, today thank you for dropping by. Today marked the first day of our website's soft launch. We hope to address any oversights in term of site navigation, product and product details including other information that may be useful to complete the site. Do share your feedbacks with us. 


The intentions to start a website has always been a 2018 goal. The incidents that happened recently simply assisted in escalating the launch of this website. 

A lot has happened within the family this past for weeks. From scheduled eye surgery which later got posponed,  then admission to a diagnosis of brain tumor, and tomorrow a scheduled biopsy for the tumor. 

With the brain tumor cause frequent absent seizures, working has been impossible this few weeks and for the months to come for Emy. With no expected income for the next few months, I hope with this site, we can still manage our finances and basic needs of the family. 

It would be of great help if you could share the site with your friends and family. Thank you from us all. 


With love, 



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