Hana Goat’s Milk Powder

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Hana Goat’s Milk Powder

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What are the Benefits of Hana Goat’s Milk for Adults and the Elderly?
For adults or productive age, goat's milk is beneficial in disease prevention. Osteoporosis, colon cancer, the risk of PMS and migraines, as well as obesity can be prevented. The bones also become strong.

1. Children
• Provides adequate nutrients to the body
• Increases appetite
• Improves children's IQ and EQ
• Overcome cough and asthma
• Eliminates phlegm and child fatigue
• Avoid constipation
• Helps the digestive system
• The child's bones are stronger, the teeth grow faster
• Has a good taste and does not smell musty

2. Adults and Senior Citizens
• Strengthens a healthy body mass (bones, teeth, muscles, joints, skin and tissues nerves)
• Establishes normal blood pressure and regulates liver function normal
• Improves sensitivity, concentration and memory
• Helps the digestive system

3. Pregnant Women
• Energizes and refreshes the body
• Relieves nausea and heartburn
• Sources of calcium and minerals for the body and contents

4. The mother breastfeeds the child
• The body stays energetic even when the baby is breastfeeding often
• Maintain maternal fitness after childbirth
• Increase the flow of body milk and increase breast milk
• Condenses milk
​​​​​​​• Increase breast milk

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