Organic Milk Booster

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Organic Milk Booster

Organic Milk Booster

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NUFIYA Organic Milk Booster It is a drink filled with nutrients from natural ingredients to help boost milk supply for breastfeeding mummies. INGREDIENTS: ✔️Red dates ✔️Black dates ✔️Longan ✔️Goji berries ✔️Rosebuds ✔️Honey Benefits: ✔️Thickens breast milk consistency ✔️Boosts and increases milk production ✔️Provides prolonged energy ✔️Healthy for women’s internal care such as menstrual cramp (Dysmenorrhea), irregular menstrual cycle and stay youthful ✔️Suitable supplement for high blood pressure and diabetes ✔️Helps to reduce constipation ✔️Using safe and natural ingredients Each set contains: ▪️2 packs of dried fruits ▪️2 packs of rock honey ▪️1 pack of Goji Berry (to be divided into 2 portions) ▪️1 pack of rosebuds (to be divided into 2 portions) Instructions for brewing: ▪️Wash 1 pack of dried fruits and 1/2 pack of goji berries ▪️Boil 1 pack of dried fruits with 1 pack of rock honey in 2L water for at least 30 minutes ▪️After boiling, turn off flame and add 1/2 pack of goji berry and 1/2 pack of rosebuds and let it stand for 10 minutes. ▪️Drink warm or store brew in the fridge to drink chilled. ⚠️ Store OMB in a dry cool place (e.g. refrigerator) to maintain freshness if not brewing immediately

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