OMB Advance Plus

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OMB Advance Plus

OMB Advance Plus

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NUFIYA Organic Milk Booster Advance PLUS It is a powdered drink that extracts 100% of the nutrients from natural ingredients to help boost milk supply for breastfeeding mummies. INGREDIENTS: Longan extract Red Dates extract Black Dates extract Rose Buds extract Goji Berries extract Honey extract Arabic gum Brewers yeast  Each box contains 15 sachets BENEFITS:

• Thicken breast milk consistency
• Boost and increase milk production
• Provides prolonged energy
• Suitable for pregnant women (4 months and above)
• For inner and outer beauty
• Suitable for postpartum confinement mommy (normal birth and csect)
• Healthy for women’s internal care such as menstrual cramp (Dysmenorrhea), irregular menstrual cycle and stay youthful.
• Suitable for high blood pressure and diabetes
• Helps to reduce constipation
• Using safe and natural ingredients
• Safe for all age group including kids Best to consume once daily, preferably in the morning or night For low supply mummies, best to consume twice daily; once in the morning and once at night.  After milk supply has increased or is maintained, you may decrease intake to once a day.  PREPARATION:

1. Add 1 packet of OMB Advance plus to 1 glass (220ml) of water. (sweetness can be adjusted by adding or reducing water level)
2. Stir till well combined and ready to drink! *Pregnant mums (4 months and above) **Note: Best to stir with a plastic spoon as OMB Advance contains honey which has an acidic pH and reacts with metallic surface. The reaction with metal spoon may damage and reduce the healing properties of honey. 

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