Back to School Care Kit
Back to School Care Kit

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Back to School Care Kit

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Hi Assalamualaikum all..

Okay, this has been long overdue but it’s better late than never. Right?

I’ve a few versions prepped for the kids back to school care kit. But here’s one I’ve stuck to for they Covid-19 Back to School Care Kit.

In this kit, cutely packed in a Unicorn pouch. I have packed the following items to follow the kids everywhere their bag went.
1. Kids Medical Masks
2. Zip Lock Bag (small)
3. Anti-bacterial Wipes
4. Baby Wipes
5. Hand Sanitizer (70% Alcohol based)

This is the basic things that will follow them to school each and every day. For reasons why I am packing as such, read on. :)

1. Kids Disposable Medical Masks
Besides the one that they are already wearing on their way to school, there’s a high chance they will be required to change to a second pay during the day. Either the mask gets dirty, wet or ear-loops snapped.

For my Kindergartener, it is mandatory for him to change into a new mask transiting from his Childcare class to Kindergarten class.

Oh, if you’re wondering why I chose disposable masks as oppose to cotton ones. Well, there’s two main reasons. One, cotton masks does little to no protection to airborne viruses. Two, I myself cannot breathe through the cotton masks so I doubt my children will be comfortable sitting through 10 hours of activities, meals, naps and lessons in them.

2. Zip Lock Bag (small)
This is optional especially when your child is using a disposable mask but I pack one anyway so the kids have a bag they can corral any trash that they want to throw for if they are on a bus and such which limits the access to a trash bin.

3. Anti-bacterial Wipes
They will not likely be needing this while in school but it would be required on their journey to and from school where they will be their usual self. Running, jumping, playing with their siblings and falling.

4. Baby Wipes
This would serve the same function as the anti-bacterial wipes just mainly for their messy self. Or accidentally getting themselves into a sticky situation. My children enjoys having a snack on they way back from school and I do prefer them snacking too as it helps manage their emotions.

As the saying goes, “A hungry man is an angry man.” And this applies to all human beings of all ages and gender.

5. Hand Sanitizer 100ml (70% Alcohol based)
This goes without saying I suppose, they school will be well stocked with this and the children may not ever need to use them while in school. However, for the journey back, it’s always handy to have as a precautionary measure.

I got the 100ml ones cause I’m assuming that they would last a few weeks before I will need to replace them with a new bottle. Plus it really makes a difference in the amount of carbon footprint the smaller bottles contribute to the environment.

So that’s my Care Kit for my children. As much as I want to save some money during this uncertain time, this is an area I chose not to skim off. Yes, Prevention is better than Cure, so what’s a few dollars a day for the health of our little ones?

If you’re wondering how much my care kit cost per child, well.. here’s the breakdown:

1. Kids Medical Masks 5s ~$4.50
2. Zip Lock Bag (small) ~(already have them on hand)
3. Anti-bacterial Wipes ~$0.50
4. Baby Wipes ~$1.50
5. Hand Sanitizer 100ml (70% Alcohol based) ~$8.50
6. Unicorn Pouch ~(already have them on hand)

So, that brings the total of the Care Kit pouch to $15. Kind of steep but hospital bills would be a lot higher should they be hospitalised for 20 odd days for observation and testing.

Alright, that’s all from me on this topic, and if you want a set of the Care Kit, do go to to purchase. There’s a few ready stocks available but if demands are high, I’ll open for pre-orders. To help busy moms check off this item out of their to-do list.