Deng-o Insect Repellent

Twelve Ounces

Deng-o Insect Repellent

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Made with natural ingredients making them safe for use around newborn. Just spray once or twice in a room before bedtime and enjoy an undisturbed sleep from mozzies and such. 

Deng-o Insect Repellent Spray by Twelve Ounces

1. Made with natural plant roots from the forest
2. Contains safe ingredients for baby and pregnant moms
3. First ever NATURAL anti Aedes Repellent Spray in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

Get them now to keep the family safe. A bottle can last for months. A couple of sprays goes a long way.

Who MUST use this Deng-o spray?
1. Those living in dengue prone areas
2. Home or workplace has lots of mosquitoes
3. Those who often does outdoor activities, especially at night
4. Those who does outdoor sports
5. Those who are often bitten by insects and hate it
6. Children who often get bitten and gets redness
7. Had contacted dengue before or had family members caught dengue
8. Those who are cautious knowing that dengue can kill in just 7 days.

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