Cuddly Guts Prebiotic Candy
Cuddly Guts Prebiotic Candy


Cuddly Guts Prebiotic Candy

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* Cuddlyguts Prebiotic Candy *

Do you have children who often experience constipation problems, diarrhea and/or are picky eaters?


*How it works?*

Are you unsure on what Prebiotic and Probiotics are? It's rather easy, to understand it. Have you ever heard what a good bacteria is in the gut? Know what the Vitagen or Yakult are saying is good for adding good bacteria by drinking it.

Probiotics are good bacteria in the intestines which we need most. To ensure that the good bacteria grows and multiply, it requires food.

Food (nutrition) for this good bacteria (probiotics) to reproduce is prebiotic. Where can we get this prebiotic?

* Probiotic in the intestines tends to be weak when you are*

- Eating processed food

- Eat a lot of preservatives

- Eating fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides

- Eating lesser complete food with sufficient protein and fiber

- * Just ate antibiotic *

- Food poisoning

- Always eat sugar

- Eating lesser probiotic and prebiotic foods.

- Allergy

Most healthy body and body aches come from the stomach. Fix the stomach / intestine, and many changes are awaiting you, to be experienced.

* How can Prebiotic Candy helps your child? *

* Dates *

The benefits of dates include various types of vitamins and minerals including fiber, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and zinc.

All these nutrients can prevent diarrhea or diarrhea problems, as well as promote good bacterial growth in the gut.

* Habbatus Saudha *

The young sausage seeds' potentially relieves the symptoms of diarrhea.

* Baobab fruit *

A natural prebiotic source that supplies food to good bacteria (probiotics) responsible for liberating excessive feces, toxins and excess fat from the body.

* Gum Arabic (Al-Manna) *

Gum Arabic is not digested in the intestines but fermented in the colon and appendix, it produces short-chain fatty acids, which leads to many benefits to your health, especially as prebiotic.

Prebiotic supplies food to good bacteria that are responsible for releasing residual feces, toxins and excess fat from the body

* How to eat *

-Can be eaten as is, or mix with juice, or eat it with porridge. Water or porridge do not overheat.

* 6month old-12 years old *

Take 2 seeds a day, morning and night

12 years old and above

Take 4 seeds a day, two seeds morning and evening.

* Adults experiencing food poisoning or abdominal pain can eat them too. (Refer guide 12 years and above) *